Monday, June 8, 2020

The Joys of Teaching Drama!

Teaching drama can feel frustrating, or even exasperating to some people due to the time and patience it requires to teach children.  Some parents due to the present COVID-19  pademic have even started referring teachers, especially drama teachers as some kind of super heroes. Though it is often seen as a low paying thankless job in comparison to other professions, those who stick to it have seen that it has the potential to be one of the most rewarding jobs there is!

Our drama teacher & coordinator, Ms Olapeju receiving an appreciation award.

 -Work Hours and Extra Income
While it may look like their hours are long, drama teachers do spend a significant  amount of time doing extra work, after they are done with their regular work. They have the time to take on extra drama lessons, which also increase the income level. They have the holidays as well to reflect on new creative ways to teach their craft while taking extra work. This gives them more experience while increasing their income simultaneously.  

-Passion and  Personal Fulfillment 
Many drama teachers find fulfillment in teaching what their passion. They get to spend every day teaching about what they love and hopefully passing it onto others. They find fulfillment in designing  creative lesson plans, creating amazing props as these also help them learn and grow to as excellent drama instructors.

- Multiple Interactions with Students
Drama teachers have the opportunity every day, to interact with kids and teach them new skills.
While some kids can be quite the 'drama queens and kings', drama teachers still find it rewarding to interact with their students in the most creative way. They also have the ability to improve their emotional well being through lessons that will ultimately raise the confidence and communication skills of their students.

- Respect
Being a drama teacher also earns you a large amount of respect from friends, family members and those in the community. You earn praise and admiration from people who could never imagine themselves spending the day in a classroom full of children or who are tempted to run after spending five minutes with a preschooler. As a teacher, you even have a nationally recognized day to appreciate you and the job you do. During back-to-school time and during teacher appreciation week, many businesses take time to offer freebies and discounts to thank teachers and show their respect for the profession.

One of our drama instructors at the Helen O' Grady Drama Academy Lagos Island , Collins Chukwudi, being appreciated all the way from Helen O' Grady Drama Academy Cairo, Egypt 

At Helen O' Grady Academy  Lagos Island , our instructor are totally committed and passionate about making drama classes an unforgettable exciting experience  for children who are interested in drama! Our children programs are designed to draw maximum engagement from kids and raising their confidence, communication and public speaking skills.

To learn more about Helen O' Grady Drama Academy, please click below;

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You can also reach us on 08093571000 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Drama Classes For Pre-schoolers

Apart from introducing them to the vibrancy of arts in early childhood, the benefits of drama activities for 3 -5 year old preschoolers are quite many. The attention span of this particular age group is very short, so drama plays keen them engaged while teaching them expressive language. Drama activities also create a comfortable place for children who are shy. It encourages them to participate in these activities thus increasing their level of confidence as they go on. Our Saturday kindy program is filled with lots of exciting activities designed to nurture the artistic skills as well as communication skills which will help the child , not only for now, but will carry them through to the future.
Classes are on Saturdays at 11.30am to 12pm. To enrol your child, please call 08093561000.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The power of speaking !

I have realized the more we spend time at home with our children the more we can engage them in public speaking allow them to speak out .. with our online course on the facebook group my daughter Sophie has gained confidence in her creative speaking and has developed more vocabulary as she is free to explore different subjects at a time . For more info how to sign up contact us @ the I am posting today one of her video from our online class!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Heroes In The COVID-19 Pandemic

Our prayers and appreciation today are for our front liners...our health workers and essential providers ...the real life super heroes who try to make it better. Our thoughts go out to them particular on this first week of lockdown ease where social distancing still remains a challenge. God bless them and protect them. If you have no urgent reason to leave your homes, please don't. Do not increase your exposure or that of your family to #covid19. It is safer to be safe than sorry. Our drama classes are still going on online using our secure Facebook learning portal. To sign up yourself or your kids, please call 08093561000.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Here's Why HOG Drama Online Class Portal Is Best

Duncan Rice, Director of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Africa, stated recently why Facebook is the preferred platform to run the HOG Drama Academy Online Classes especially during this coronavirus pandemic. “Helen O’Grady Drama Academy runs classes throughout Africa for children and adults. During the early stages of the virus lockdown in China and Italy, the Academy quickly made plans to launch its ONLINE platform using the safe and secure Facebook Learning Groups portal."
“Children learn lessons such as mime, movement, speech training and improvisation by experts in the fields of performance arts. The course is broken into clear units. Students have the satisfaction of ticking off each unit as it is completed. The teacher is very clearly able to monitor the student’s progress with the video content. We already have many future stars in the making!” During this drama course students are encouraged to send video assignments back for assessment and monitoring of their level of performance of the task. For example, a child may finish the movement section and be required to send back a video to show a short dance. Or they may complete a play with the teacher. Parents can film the child improvising with the teacher. Unlike, live classes, parents of younger children from 3-9 years are also encouraged to become involved in the learning process. Register your child for our online drama classes using the link below and get free classes for one week!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Free Drama Classes When You Sign Up!

Great news everyone! As the world is going almost totally virtual,the Helen O Grady Drama Academy has created various drama programs designed to cater to all age categories to continue with their lessons as before, or improve their public speaking and communications as the case may be.
Now, we are excited to tell you that if you sign up for any of our programs, you get free classes for a week! The benefits of signing up for our drama classes are endless. Just hit up on the link below for registration and then see for yourself!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Helen O' Grady Goes Online!

International drama classes just one click away! Acquire confidence, communication and acting skills in your home with Helen O’Grady Drama Academy ONLINE.

Our fun online programme is an innovative and dynamic alternative to our physical classes. Students learn at their own pace but have lots of interaction with specialist speech and drama instructors. Perfect for those who have never attended a drama class before.

Classes in each individual age-group for children aged 3-18 and Adults.

Classes include mime, speech training, movement, dance, improvisation, public speaking, presentation skills, production techniques, film acting and many, many more.

To register, click on the link below:

For any enquiries,  please call 08093561000

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Drama Sign Ups for Alice In Wonderland!

Do your kids have the passion for stage acting and drama? Sign them up using the link below for drama classes with the amazing Sarah Boulos at the Helen O' Grady Drama Academy Lagos Island.
They also get the chance to perform in our adaptation of the smash hit  'Alice in Wonderland' taking place on Sunday May 23rd, 2020 at Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island.

We look forward to receiving you!