Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Real-Life Drama

As most people will say, “It’s just drama, just drama class. It’s not important”

 Except that we know the importance of the Helen O’Grady Drama program.

Our academy is one of the few places where real world life skills are taught. You know them. Communication, self-confidence, self-evaluation, creative thinking – these are the skills beyond the classroom, beyond school, right? Life skills, pretty much what everybody needs.

The drama classroom Theatre is such an amazing, amazing platform that we can really address so many things and kind of get a practice run at things that we don’t really get to practice in life sometimes. It’s just so open. But it’s also so free in that they’re exploring a character. Every time they say the line, it could come out differently and someone’s going to respond to them differently, and by using those stories and by using their experiences, you know, they get to make it their own.They enjoy taking a moment to watch their friends or taking a moment to be the center of attention.

As they advance in their drama lessons, we see then change , we‘ve seen them learn things by creating self-confidence in them, creating team and group work, the ability to listen, as well as other skills that will help them to be the best they can be no matter the type of profession they go for.