Friday, December 2, 2016

All I Want for Christmas...

We had probably heard that phrase from our kids, nephews, nieces, baby cousins and pretty much any other child that is in close relations with us a dozen times over this holiday season . Christmas  has always been one of the most exciting times of the year. It is the time that children expect their wishes for new toys , new PS games, and every other thing they have spent all year dreaming about to be fulfilled. And course parents and guardians will do their best to deliver and not disappoint.

As we celebrate christmas this year, we should also not forget to keep in mind , how best to help nurture and aid development in our kids in the forthcoming year. We need to groom them as they grow into another year. One way of achieving this by encouraging them to sign for drama classes.

Now, drama classes is not only for aspiring actors, there are other benefits that can be gotten from drama classes. Drama lessons also help in boosting a child's confidence. and communication skills.
It encourages team building and bonding because in drama plays,more often than not , there are different roles to play which will necessitate kids working together. This will  ultimately prepare them for the future.

All these and more is what your child will be getting at the Helen O Grady Drama Academy Lagos Island. Our programs specially designed to bring out expression, confidence, and creativity in children. Our activities are also created to encourage active engagement with and between the children.

As we are going into the new year, why not give it a try , bring your kids to a trial class near you , so you will see for yourself what they stand to gain if they enrol. For location, enquiries and more information, please call 0809 190 0700, 0809 356 1000, 0809 357 1000 and we will happy to attend to you. You can also send us a mail on

Happy holiday season, everyone!