Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why We Love Christmas!

If there is ever a season, everyone looks forward to... Its Christmas! 

The word Christmas comes from the words Cristes maesse, or "Christ's Mass." For Christians, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, and it is generally thought that the first Christmas took place in Rome in 336 A.D.

Christmas is both a holiday and a holy day. It is an important religious day for Christians. It is recognized as a major holiday all around the world.There's just something about the season, the time of year, and the atmosphere that makes Christmas an all-time favorite. For children, its double the fun... Schools are closed and a lot of activities are up to fit into the Christmas mood. For our kids at the Helen O' Grady Drama Academy, Lagos Island, these are their top reasons why they love Christmas...

1. The food is delicious and so special.

Besides fruitcakes, there are dozens of holiday treats that make their mouths water. Chicken Pies  Christmas cookies, Specially made rice and spicy fried chicken included... these are things they look forward to every year.

2. The decorations are  fantastic.
Lets face it: nothing can beat the loaded window displays, the ribbons and garlands around streets, the glittering lights of various colors and doilies, and nativity scenes, and the Christmas trees...! making everything so magical. 

3. ...Presents.
Need We say more? The best gifts each year is usually around Christmas.

4. Family comes together.
Christmas is one of the most popular times in the year where they get to see their extended family, the grandparents,aunts, uncles, cousins who usually lavish them with gifts and attention.

5. Nativity plays
And Lastly our kids say Christmas also afford them the opportunity to bring their drama skills to use because different nativity plays that depict the origin of Christmas, what it stands for, as well as other related plays are usually staged and need we say it... they usually take center stage! Lights... Camera... Action!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


INSIDE OUT WITH DRAMA - Focusing on their emotions

By now, we all know that Drama classes help boost your child's social skills, boost their confidence in situations, but have we ever thought of one very crucial benefit that is so obvious but we never really see? Its the rein in of emotions
Drama helps us to keep in touch with all of the emotions that we haven't necessarily been able to feel or express.

In Drama classes , during dramatic plays,  the children are usually in one character or the other, these characters more often than not, portray different emotions. In  our drama classes, at the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy, Lagos Island,we teach children how to bring out the right emotion that goes in line with each character, the context in which to show which emotion, and more importantly, how to pull back on it when it is time to do so.

Even when they are done with their drama lessons, this ability to be able to control their emotions stays with them and its becomes a very useful attribute as they grow older.


In our drama classes, they will be taught how to:

  • Develop an ability to read other people's emotions
  • Develop an ability to identify and to express one's own feelings or emotions
  • Receive permission to have a wide range of feelings
  • Build a vocabulary of words for naming feelings

Open up the advantages of letting your child into the world of drama where they will learn how to master their emotions by registering with us at the Helen O Grady Drama Academy, Lagos Island. Classes for the year 2016 starts 2nd week of January 2016. Our Drama studio is at Ocean Parade Gym, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria: Classes are on Saturdays,4 - 8 yr olds: 9am - 10am, 9 years old & above: 10am - 11am. We'll be expecting you!