Friday, July 15, 2016

Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

As the time for the summer holidays draw nearer, parents dread hearing their children complaining of boredom. Afterall there is a limit to the entertainment a child can have through games or CDs. Hence, many parents are increasingly taking the wide decisions of sending their children to summer camps for kids, instead of hearing them complaining about boredom.

Listed below are some reasons for making summer camps a necessary part of every child's life.

  • Kids & teens get ample opportunities to indulge in a variety of games and activities, which they usually don't find anywhere near them. Summer camps for kids enable your child to enjoy activities like Pottery, Comic & Animation, Painting, Horse Riding, just to name a few.

  • Children naturally feel bored, if they have to repeat their daily mundane tasks during holidays. However at summer camps for kids, children and teens get to learn new skills while enjoying themselves.

  • Summer camps offer great opportunities to meet and befriend kids from other schools, cities, states and countries. They get to learn to new skills while enjoying themselves.

  • They learn to be independent, self reliant, confident and creative. Besides learning new games and skills, they also become more tolerant and cooperative.

Our 4 week Performing Arts Camp starts Monday, July 18th, 2016. Please call 0809 357 1000 for registration.

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